Wednesday, June 4, 2008

;// Been awhile..

wahh.. it's been awhile since i've blogged.
and look! got many ppl complained huh? rawr. go complain in ryu&tia's blog. lol
nyahaha. actually i got nothing to write.. but since i got nothing to do..
nah. a blog post. :X i want go panca practice. bring me next time.
i want to be in G.R.O.U.P.T.W.O. *peace sign. lol. its better to stay at home..

so.. for the holidays.. guess what have i been doing?
MANGA READING! :) nyahaha.
*blame on monkey cause now i cannot stop and study.
and.. FULLMOON WO SAGASHITE is a nice manga! rawr. ask yannie. lols. xD
so other than that. i've been dreaming alot lorh. weird ones.
and foruming. and battle wit Jown&Shaboo.

err.. one thing im looking forward to..
NARNIA IS GONNA BE ON TV. nyahhaahhahahahahah!


i wonder how's Gwen surviving. :( i miss her already.
in the forest. with awesome camera. and no toilet. HAHHAAHA. :)
hmmm.. i cant wait to die in my exams. no mood to study.. T___T cham....

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