Sunday, June 8, 2008

;// awesome-nest like no other!

super junior h - Good Luck. *plays. have u heard it? :D
VERY LOVEEE! good for tomorrow too! lol.

so yea. for a person who is gonna face maths exam paper tomorrow..
er.. i look super calm! lol. yea i am! went Manukan island. nyahaha. and dinner at Grandma's!
i wonder how am i going to die tomorrow..

yesh! i went to manukan island. and rode the awesome flying thingy. I FLEW! lol
and sunk under the sea! with all the pwetty fishy! and NEMO! a daddy and baby coral fish! lol
i woke up at 7am. sun is blinding in the morning. i hope i can wake up tomorrow too! lols.
then we went out! to sutera jetty. but mom decided to stop by at the nearby kopi tiam. :D
and we ate ngau chap. lol. then go jetty. yea.. mom has a whole 100++ from sg for a trip. so we went together. hahaha!

so rode the big ship. wahhh.. the air-con there very heng! HAHA. made me shaking.. too cold.
15 mins ride. :D then tadaaa! manukan. wee.. we stayed and play water awhile while the sg ppl have their briefing. super long.. dont know what they brief about. lols.
and RIDES time! 1st we go underwater see fishies! called ScubaDoo! nyahaha. the name so cute.
yesh yesh. under the water is awesome! feels good! i touched a sea cucumber! and a star fish. and corals. they are sticky. o_o but ver nice to touch. HAHA. then horr.. the gor gor bring up a coral with NEMO inside!! really! 2 coral fish. :) one baby and one daddy? HAHA. nemo lehh!
that were their house. :) niceeee! and i touched something funny too. clear.. o_o like small light bulb. not sure what is it. but sure is fun under the water! damn cool! HAHAHAHA!

so after the sea. i got chance fly in the sky oso. nyahaha!
with yanie. :D we go parasailing! i think thats how to spell it. -_-'' getting dumber everyday..
i was flying in the sky for 30mins! HAHA. cool! and the dude dipped us in the sea a few times..
i kena salt water.. while yanie face so clean. lols. :) but it was VERY fun! and if next time i got chance again. I SURE will try underwater and fly again. :D

then.. after flying. we go ride banana boat! i just experienced drowning. LOL.
but i was very fun. HHAHA. drowning oso fun. i think i drank sea water. :X
yea.. we tried the up side down version. -_- so our banana boat turn up side down during the ride.. we went freaked. HAHA. :X next round no more special version. HAHAH. :)

and lastly.. the BEST ride of all! the boat home! nyahaha! NONO. not normal boat lorh.
super extreme ride. :X it was raining. HAHA. wind ery strong.. :D
and the boatman drove the boat SUPER fast! nyahaha! we all go WOAH! wooo hoooo!!
eventhough all the rain hitting everyone's face! LOLS! damn funny! nyahahaha!!

today is greatest adventure for the whole 2 weeks holiday. HAHA
despite tomorrow have maths exams. i'll faced doommmm. :X oh well.....
i try lorh... should i study now? 9.30pm. flip trough. LOL like it will actually go in. :DD

got pictures! after exams upload! nyahaha!

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