Thursday, June 19, 2008

;// i love SJFullhouse yo! :)

its been half a year now. since i joined that forum. :D
and i love it more everyday. lols. because everyone is friendly there!
i met alot of new friends. and even awesome peoples. xD
and great teachers! thank you for the happy times i had. nyahahaha.

so for today, we shall celebrate! nyahaha.
okayy. i got nothing to write. but im very happy.
because my brother installed the Virtual Villager game! omg!
i lovee that game. HAHA. the dam is building. and the little kids grew. :DD

wait! i do have something to write! lols. so lets see..
my results. i know its embrasssingggg... but nvm larhhh.. :X
wait till i get all back 1st. :X okie? then i write. HAHA.
errrr... sooo? hows life? tomorrow friday lorh.. so fast.. and soon will be SPM and school over.
T____T thinking of these stuffs make me want to go neverland and meet peterpan.
i dun wan grow up. aaaaaaahhhh....


ohh! i forgot i got a peka to write. gahhh..
i better start now. or i'll be dead tomorrow. lols. :X

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