Tuesday, June 17, 2008

;// Relaxation is great_

ohh yea! :) good news. exams is finally over.
i had been going crazy chewing all those physics book twice! rawr.
1st time. suppose yesterday got physic and end de.. who knows suddenly delay one more day.
the school people really trying to kill us. *glares.
so i need study again. half- sleeping. HAHAHA.

so im back blogging. :)
must write long long beat jaygay and yan.
i so long no blog you both upgrade more words. if i longer then more?
im gonna write long long from now on. teeheee.. if i can.

so.. today we have physic and Arts for me. well, the paper i think okay?
cut off the counting ones lorh.. i didnt even know the formula how do? nyahaha. the power of shooting. LOL. :X i so bad lorh.. but better than empty. HAHA.
at 1st everyone was so suprise. the answer paper. special one. help write everything liao. only no name. i was like " wahhh.. physic have upgrade? suddenly so professional. "
if look properly. got E after D. lol. ^_^
something different for last day.

after exams. suppose have Arts. but after recess then start.
so we have err...a long time before recess? we play game! nyahahaha! mafia game. :)
very funny! super funny! :D we should play it often.

*to make this post long.
i'll tell you how we play! HAHHAHA. just hope longer than yans and jays. f3

so everyone sit around. we have a big table because the biology lab is OUR class.
we have skeleton behind. special one and only class. hahaha.
so anyways. everyone sit down.
then will have one person who is gonna be the moderator for the game,
the person will choose 1 mafia? sometimes 2. depends on the people playing i think.
the mafia job is kill people. :X then mod choose..
1 angel. the angel will be the on trying to save the pesent who will be killed by mafia.
and a police to investigate who is mafia? or was it pesent? until now i blur what the police job.

so everyone will be closing their eyes.
and guess who is mafia. lol. the mod will ask the mafia to open eyes and point who want to kill.
only mafia open eye arh.. and this game cannot talk during the pick pick time. lol.
after the mafia pick liao. the mod will call the mafia go sleep. and ask the angel open eyes.
the angel dont know who is gonna be kill. but he/she will be given the power to save 1 person.
so if lucky angle will save the pesent which the mafia will kill.

after that, police turn open eyes. and angel sleep.
police need guess who is the mafia? then the mod will tell if he/she is or not.
after that. EVERYONE open eyes.

then the mod will tell a story lorh.. about the people die and angel save.
but the mod will not reveal who is who. only person who die everyone will know.
like " one day, Hoho went shopping. and sudenly she found hundred bucks on the floor, then behind her was a mafia. holiding knife. and kill here. BUT..... the angel noticed she need to use the money for future. the angel save her. " * note; this only happen if the angel pick the correct person to save. if not, it will go " awww.. lee wei got killed, and even the angel hate her. so she die." HAHA.

when a person dies. he/she will need to tell what job is he/she in.
so if she angel and she didnt save herself. then angel no more. no ppl save the pesent. :)
after the story. everyone will try to guess who is the mafia. lol.

the pesent must find the mafia to win the game!

so. we played 2-3 rounds. HAHA.
i tio accused mafia for 1st round cause i kept laughing. maybe i look suspicious. LOL.
and Ged was making funny actions during the game! so damn funny. Janet they all oso.
HAHA. :X Sarah and Ryu is a good mafia orhhh.. HORRR? :D
then last round i get to be mafia. HAHAH. so funny. :X very fun game. everyone should play.

then recess lorhh...

after recess have art class. draw my waterfall. Art exams so fun! lol.
can talk and walk around and play play. hahaha. :) yea. 2.5 hours worr.. need talk and walk to wait the paint dry. :DDD my waterfall looks plain though. should have draw gundam. -__-''
but because i draw gundam with paint will need 4-5 hours. lol. no needd go home lorh..
i think finish drawing with pencil oredi time up. :X

so yea.. tomorrow still have one more art teory paper.
but its art. dunno how study. :P hahahahhahah. after art. we go up class lorh..
teacher Wilfred came. but he was marking paper. so we can talk and do what we want.
wei even eat. lol. can go home oso. :) but i didnt go. not until teacher go.

so.. Gwen,Nat and Fionna go out early.
but they came back a few mins. with EIEN? how spell his name? :X okay. i'll look it up.
gwen said " teacher, there's some one who wants to see you... " the he pop up his head beside the door. OMG that little boy is the cutest thing ever next to Manchai. XDDD nyahahhahaa!
he's my teachers son. cute. :) little boy. hahaha.

so yea. the i go out chasing them to say byee byee to Eien. HAHA. :D
he even walk down the stairs so cutee behind Nat. awwwwwwwwwwwww....

so yea..
after that go home lorh. :)

*jaygay. you online bahhhhhh.. -_- dont angry..
later grow white hair. :X

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