Saturday, June 21, 2008

;// Missing You. :(

eeeee.. its only the 1st day mommy go holiday to jakarta.
and i'm already missing her. T__T mommy. hurry come back! we watch Wasabi drama!
so yea. today kokum..

not bad larh.. :X
i had fun during scouts. well, only a bit cause i get to dance with Sarah. and the whole scouts ppl
one by one. HAHA. :D and joy joy came too! :)
and shazz. so im not lonely. hmm... then.. come home..
Ps until now. lols.

wanted to order pizza geh..
but the internet connection suckksss! loading until 15 mins..
so my daddy decided to buy rice. o__o so where. in the restaurant in luyang. HAHA.
nvm. got food.. im happy.. and...

now i don't dare press the publish post button because i know i will disconnect AGAIN.
i'll just leave this on for awhile.. zzzzzz..

Happy Birthday Ryeowookie.

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