Monday, June 23, 2008

;// woots. mexican wave!

nyah nyah! :) celebrated teacher's day today.
so i went to school as usual today. today, morning session and afternoon together celebrate.
yea.. we stand in the hal as usual assembly. wait the teachers come lorh..

and of cos its noisy like crazy de larh. those pilaks.. zzz..
yea.. got one group of pilak kids wanted to pick fight with my friend. omg.. nat nat again that..
they think they are so smart and beautiful.. but they are NOT. fishball oso want fight over. and make problem.. aahh.. those are the pure pilaks.
so anyways forget about them, dont need make small thing become big case like fighting fishball.


and yesh.. the event stared. :D all the teachers walk on red carpet orhh! like superstars!
HAHA. :X got pengawas as bodyguards also. the theme was Glamorous 50'.
so yea. Elvis picure was everywhere. got the famous woman oso. lol. i dont know her name..
yea.. all teachers walk up one by one with bodyguards. :)

and special Teacher Munis brings a flag? o__o
HAHAHAHA. i couldnt stop laughing. teacher is soooo funny! semangat. now i know why he teach awesome history lessons. :D because he's cool! lol. :X yea. waving the flag everywhere.
see flag in the middle of crowded people.. 120% he's there. lol.

so Pengetua gave a speech. and teacher Is read the menteri letter..
omg! super damn long. its 5-7 pages long. all crap, only have 4 isi pentings. LOL.
so yea. after the long long long long speech... the present giving..
the is the time where all the schoolmates scream their lungs out for the teachers.
one by one the name kena called. :DD and the screams get louder depending on the teacher. lol.
like in concert screams.. -.- not good for eardrum..

then after the present stuff. :X
it's a really cute lunchbox with chocolates inside wrapped up nicely! really cute! with ribbons!
the moment everyone waiting for. LOL. atleast me?
the peformances! nyahahhahhhaha! we have our coral speakers up 1st. *pssst.. yanie and geek is one of them. on stage orhhhhh... then we have teacher singing.. with our school's pro singer, Joveya!! :3 i love her voice! very nice.. and they sing the songs so niceeeeeeee! :) smoothing...
after that, more singing! :) from the Voice. LOL. our school teams have so funny names. lol.
they won the bakat interact last few months ago. and yes.. the voice have great voices. :3

after singing.. have dancing lorh.. the elvis times one. HAHAHA.
very funny! :3 but i like chloe's oufit. :D niceeeee! especially the head band thingy! loveed!


then recess..
after recess we have many games with the teachers.
got apple eating, pair-up sing to the max, the ping pong ball & flour game? and futsal. :D
nyahaha. all this so funny! just watching them play is fun! lols.

Tia joined the apple eating. lol. Esthel won. :X teachers eat with hands. lol. not fair. :)
but is teachers day mahh.. nevermind lorh.. i see Esthel eat the apple hanging on string SO funny. pro. :)

Shaz. joined something too! but i forgot what was it.. was it apple too?

there was the paired up sing along thingy..
:) nyahahaha.. teacher Wee won! :3 so special.. she sing the Yue liang tai biao wo de xing.
*ei correct spelling? the Moon represent my heart. lol. direct translation. HAHHAA.
and yea... teacher Rahman sang the land before time theme song! omg! i always cry when i hear that song while watching land before time.. dinosaur movie. f3.

Joy joined futsal. :3 its the End game.
ohhh! Futsal was awesome! its like football. only its on cement. and no much rules. :X
ball keep flying everywhere. HAHA. the teachers won. 3-1.
Carmen and Georgini are great host/MC. lol. they were talking during the match.
like the ones you hear in football. " hes got the ball... oh! she took over... blah blah "
yea... but they made its sooo funnny! :DD i sat with hoho during those activities.. :)
Lee Wei they all wont come down.. so they missed most of the fun.

yea! i had 100000000000028403982403908 of fun today.
nah nah! long enough bo? i think it will beat yanie's one. cause she missed alot! HAHAHHA

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