Monday, July 7, 2008

;// 明日晴れるかな

have i mention that OPERATION LOVE is loveee? :X
lols. its a japanese drama showing in 8TV every sunday at 3pm. :D
nyahahah. its really nice. :3

the theme song is nice too.
明日晴れるかな by Kuwata Keisuke. :)
soothing and warm.


so im actually busy with my moral project nowadays. :X
and also for being a lazy girl. i was lazy to blog! LOLS. yea..
err.. ohh. so today.. i sign up for a camp. :X nyahahahahha! i cant wait!
im going to sleep under the stars. :)
and there's the monthly test coming too. omg. diee lorh..

and erm.. we clean the sink in school? :D during recess.
lols Gwen offered 2 weeks of no daily cleaning in class for the most shiny sink.
:) yea. shiny... it may sound easy cleaning sinks. but.. -__-'' it is defiantely not easy at all..
mannn. i wonder how many ml of gif we used up. :X tee hee..


ohh! and Wei introduce us to some kind of thailand artist.
but we couldn't find anything about them. or any of their songs. :X
instead we found GOLF&MIKE! do you know they have the many awesome people's face in every angle. ahahahaha. that makes them super flaming hot on fire! :D
very handsome! lols. :) though i still dont know which is which. nyahahahah!
both of them are gorgeous.

i cant believe im saying this. o__o
thailand songs are actually unique. i like them. lols!


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