Friday, June 27, 2008

;// TUNAs yummmss

hai lu la la ahhhh.. :X
its been so long since i wrote in here..
if it wasn't for jaygay. maybe i forgot i have a blog! HAHAHA.

wahhh.. i notice i have so many wrong spellings...zzz
so embarassing.. this proves how dumb am i sia.. :X
ei BABAT! i know i wrong spell many.. typo mahhh.. cannot blame me lorh..
i always type my blog in the dark gehh.. only screen glowing.. lols.

okay! this is the 5th edit! if the page sot again. i'll seriously go crazy.
and because the internet line failed to be a good boy... i have turn lazy to type a long long post.
let's summarize. nyahahaha..


so.. i went to an Anti-Drug convention today. miss all the subjects in class..
as usually no teacher came in except for lovely EST & BM. :)
we used the school van. :) ahaha. and i get to sit in front. lols. doesn't really matter.
the anti-drug thingy ahh.. can say quite fun also lorhh..
the bamboo orchestra was really good. * ei, jay! correct spelling? :) go check i lazy dig dictionary.
tinggi tinggi gunung kinabalu~ nyahahhaha
very traditional. very love indeed. weeeeeeeee!

then there is this simple drama act by the people incharge i think..
okay.. its way freaky. i dont really want to remember it now.. cause if i do, i wont be able to sleep
im serious.... :X

so yea.. thats it! hahah. no thats really it. :)
after that i went back school. and of cos. how can i not stop by at my very own class.
sit there until go home time. lalala.


life is moving so fast nowadays. maybe its just me.. but i cant believe my eyes..
its already friday again.. and more importantly. its already JUNE! and next year is coming..
woahhhh... o__o look. few more hours.. will be saturday..

let's do some random quotes,
BABATss is a new name for jaygay. :) dont ask why.. i dont even know what is that. HAHA
Krawk Island pwnsss! :) Altador cup is addicting. nyahahha.

FINALLY!! THE POST IS OVER. and safely posted... zzz

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