Sunday, July 27, 2008

;// Fun has No Limits.

indeed its true. :D
i need to get back 90% of my energy. ediit tomorrow. :3
omg. this is going to be a long long long one. HAHA. be ready to be blind by letters. o__o
maybe i should slot in some pictures... *runs to jordana. :D

im going crazy just being too excited. teehee! so went to school like usual in the morning..
and then went home.. to get ready.. there's 2 hours to slack. XD
and we have to reach school for camp by 2.30pm. Wei bath in my house, so we no need bath during th camp. HAHA. :X and she broke the shower thingy. lol. :) its okay wei..
So anyways, we went to school at 2.3o lorhh.. but guess what! the bus came late lorh..
we come at 2.30pm the bus come 4.30pm. soo late.
the worse part.. bus come late. i cant go on the bus neither. LOL.
too full.. :X unfortunately people cares more about their 2 month camp luggage then humans.
the bags was taking most of the seats. me, wei, hoho, vivian waited for next round. which takes 1hour 30 mins for the next bus to pick us up. -_-''
but it isn't that bad larh.. confirm its more comfortable. and less squeezy. LOL.
Carmen and Georgini waited with us too. their bus oso full. nyahaha. As usual, Carmen will start her funny random lines.. xD sitting on the floor moaning.. while Gini was playing the cubic thingy. so we wait.. wait.. wait..
here's part of the convo. o__o lol. well, the one i remember larh..
i know these wont sound funny because i type. LOL. :X need her expression then will funny.
LeeWei : Hey! isn't that the cubic game?
Carmen : i know bahh.. you jealous bah kan?
LeeWei : huh? i just said...
Carmen : means you jealous larhhhh! you don't have
to deny it you know.. so stop denying.
i can read minds.. right Gini??
*Georgini keep laughing while doing the cubic.
LeeWei : ....
Carmen : *stares* i know what are yoiu thinking now.. *grins.
LeeWei : *blurs*
Carmen : omg! you think i'm hot don't you! :DD HAHAHA.
Carmen : Gini! see bah.. this leewei laugh so funny!
her hahaha one by one like HA.HA.HA.
Wei&Me : *laugh more*
Carmen : i know bahh.. im hot.. but sorry.. we can only be friends..
Me : hahahaha! *falls over*
Carmen : ei, you don't laugh there.. you laughing means
you think im hot also larh kan?
Carmen : Gini bahh! you see they all this! funny bahh.. they think im hot. :)
Hoho : ... *giggles.
*vivian blursss*
Carmen : you three.. like i said just now.. i know im hot!
but sorry. :) we can only be friends.
Me.Wei&Hoho : *laughs*
Carmen : and you, i dont think you think im hot..
but almost that.. i can feel it.
Vivian : *Smiles*
Carmen : HAHA! okay! she also think im hot!
---------------- total silence sudenly. :X
so, the bus finally came at 5.30pm. we quickly put our stuffs and ready for take off..
before the bus move, Carmen requested for a 30mins silence. HAHA.but of cos. the pilaks didnt care much of it. :X we were in the same bus with the police cadets. they couldn't stop talking.
lols. i can hear carmen saying.. " what happened to the 30mins deal? T__T "
then she couldn't take it. got one saying.. if you can't beat them, join them! LOL
yea.. she took out the MP3 and start singing loud loud with Georgini. xDD damn funny!
Georgini and Carmen pwn the bus sia. xDD the whole journey non-stop crazy singing. :X
i couldn't stop laughing.. HAHA. the cars passing by keep looking at our bus. -_-'' but we had fun.
so who cares! nyahahah!

So, when we finally reach there.. everyone have already started the activities..
darn, missed some ice breaking fun things. so sarah have to fill in the details with us. :(
but didnt miss much oso lorh.. so good news. just the ice breaking and setting up the tents.
so yea, teacher siska told us to get the tents from roy. o__o dont really know how to spell his name. but nvm. me and lee wei was walking round and round looking for some dude with spects.
i didnt who he was that time. so blur blur looking lorh..

so yea, after finished setting up the tent. its dinner time! :)
the food is.. well, alot of ajinamoto. lol. but overall its nice. teacher cook wor.. must give face oso.
:B after dinner, start raining le.. drizzel abit. we have our 1st activity on the 1st day. which is something like treasure hunt. looking for clues around the area. we have to hunt down the clue with only one torchlight for a group. haha. its really fun! except the tripping over the cabels part.
we were walking up and down here and there. in the dark. with lighting and thinder. LOL.
natural torchlight. xDDD
and even system barter with Gwen's group. HAHAHA. shhh.. secret lai de.
so after the activity we're suppose to have supper. but me and my tent people, wei, hoho, vivian kinda skip it. lol. so we go back to our tent and plan how to sleep inside.. 4 people in 1 tent is a bad bad idea. really...
and remember the drizzel? it turned into a storm. LOL. its was raining heavily outside.
hoho was worrying if the tent would roboh.. but we have a BIGGER problem..
our tent is leaking water!! which means.. the tent is going to banjir! our tent was the most noisy one. HAHAHA. we keep standing up and pack the stuffs fast fast. i think from outside see.. our tent should be moving alot. o__o HAHA. now think back so damn funny..
so yea, i guess its not only our tent. most people's tent was having leaking too. but not as worse as ours. -_-'' should have bring my tent. so everyone sleep under the open tent. :DD
like mangsa banjir. LOL. its actually a very fun experience. i like it. :3
everyone sleep together.. so nice. better than 4 people trying to fit in the tent lorh..
yea.. i was planning not to sleep but ended up sleeping oso. :X im a loser. LOL


lalalas day 2 is the awesome among all awesome things in the world. :)
we woke up at 5am. o__o since the others have prayer thingy, we can continue a few mins nap.
:) after that! we have morning exercise. actually is jogging along the beach. HAHA. nicee lehh..
i see buffalos swimming tooo!! very cute! lol. then after that we have breakfast.
and the best part yet! :3 the activities starts! weeeee! first we were separate into groups.
im in group 5. and we have a personal instructor. he's Sebastian? lol. i don't really know how to spell his name but.. nvm. HAHA. he's a quiet person. but nice. :)
so yea, we have Hazel,Hazelcy, Ada, Koay Yi Chen, Claire, and the others in our group.
well, i don't really know most of them except for Claire, Hazelcy and Koay. :X
after the intro. we start our activitiess with the spider web thingy and there's high ropes, and bungee tampoline? then rock climbing. :) yeah! very awesome! there's isn't time for flying fox that day.. so we rested and i walked around. HAHA.
then, after the activities have extra time. so, we volunteer to get firewoods! teehee!
Leewei and Grazele was too hyper until they play the dried palm leaves like samurai swords!
haha. Jordana have the pictures! :) then we help teacher Ramlih get firewoods. for malam kebudayaan.
after that, we started malam kebudayaan at night.
with dancing and singing. and acting? lol :) its kinda fun.
i learn a new song! i have a friend gorilla, gorilla's friend.. matilda~
matilda's friend.. lalalalala!~ hahaha. so the activity ended. and everyone can go sleep le..
we stayed up late to take bath. :X 12am++ haha.
and guess what! it's hoho's birthday!! weee! so we sang happy birthday to hoho in...
A MEN'S CHANGING ROOM! lols! with leewei singing happy birthday in her shower. lols.
so funny! :) i love the dorks. nyahahah. and hoho feels weird. i can see it. :B
so after that we went to sleep lorhh..

last day at KK adventure park le.. sadd.. i miss the place..
we spend the whole morning finishing the activities! which is flying fox and KAYAK for my team!
:) teacher siska joined us for flying fox! :D tee heee! its really really fun! it feels like i was flying!
and then after that! we went for kayaking! :D damn fun! i like kayaking the most!! FUN! :D
but our boat keep clashing to Koay yi chen's and claire's. HAHA. :) teacher Ramlih is awesome in kayaking. o__o very fast! yea.. we kayak around the sea. xDD didn't fall over! good news! lol.
most funny part was. teacher ramlih rise up his paddle thingy. cause sebastian said if rise the paddle means emergency mahh.. so we all thought got emergency at teacher ramlih there. all row there. very funny! o__o dunno how describe. HAHAH. teacher was shouting. why come here?! go shore! gogogogogo! haha. :X so i guess he rise the paddle to call us go up. XDD so funny!
yea.. its the last day. our group have alot of extra time. so i went to tent to pack up.
and then after that, i go walk walk dry myself.. lazy take bath.. :X lols. walk around wet. XDD
ohh! teacher manjeet tried rock climbing! :D she's awesome! haha. very funny! everybody there was cheering for her! :) ged cheer most funny. like giving birth. HAHAHAA.
during this camp, i've learn alot of things. :)
i've meet alot of new friends. and see the person who they are for real.
in school, i used to think they were one of the pilaks. well, yea.. but now i know.. they are niceee
people. really nice. :) and caring. not only that, i learn not to give up. HAHA. yea right.. not to give up the camp eventhough i have the monthly on the 1st day. zzzzzz! pure bad luck.
but overall i love the camp! :DD
i would love to go there again. :)
i miss the place already. T___T

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