Thursday, July 31, 2008

;// Looking for.. :D

looking for the rain god. o__o
yea.. its our literature short stories. haha. :)
today, i have awesome fun looking at debates. lol.
teacher separate us into groups and each group have to defend themselves whether they are guilty or not. lols. so many great points. o__o I'm really amaze at mohana and debra. :D

the story is about a family that moved out from the village because of the dehydration and heat,
no rain for years? i think its years. lol. yea.. then lastly they couldn't take it anymore..
the dad kill his two daughters as sacrifices for the rain god. so the rain would pour down and
they can plant crops again.. but no rain poured. means they killed for nothing. :(

lastly the family was caught for ritual murder and sentenced to death. well, the old man and the father. :) and today they defended themselves whether they are guilty or not.
actually, i think everyone is guilty here. but cannot be blame for because they were starving and
dehydrated. and for survival.. i'm sure they will do anything to get the rain. :X


and before we go home. we have the australian mathematics contest.
or like me and my friends call it, the maths olympic. nyahahaha!
so yea, i was nervous like crazy. it's hard like mad. o__o
i didn't know why i signed up for it anyway. -_-''

i just threw RM30 to the sea. :(
now i feel bad. haizzz...

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