Friday, August 29, 2008

;// merdeka madness

haha. yup! my school celebrate our national day today.
well, since 31st august is on a sunday. so means NO school on monday.
and we celebrated the awesome day today!

really FUN! haha. today was the closing ceremony for the merdeka week in school.
awww.. another closing ceremony.

1st up, we have the patriotic song singing competition. yea. they sing sing lorh.
next, there was a aerobic competition. HAHA. okay. i know it has
NOTHING to do with the national day. but who cares! it was fun! VERY FUN!
when it was 4st's turn. the whole extra bits of the class went 120% high and join in the aerobic.
hahaha. :X it is wayyy better than the one i did during the art competition. this one no sun.
and i can laugh as many as i want.

and then after our class, of cos other class have their ones also.
but nobody joined in. so saddd.. BUT SUPERR FUNNY MANN! *stares at Ged.
yesh. ged, my friend. well, kinda like twin? same name. and mom's name oso same...
lols. her facial expression during the other class performances was really funny! haha. as usual in classs.. top joker. GED.
then have one part of the aerobics from .. i forgot the class..
they were playing the shake shake song.
and Ged started VIBRATING. zzzzz! omg! so funny her
expression! HAHAHAHAHA.

and after that. they announced the winner for the national day banner competition we painted. and we WON. wahh.
mel mel sure very happy. RM50 for the class. lols.
and yeshhh. the aerobics also we WIN. HAHHAHAA. see. the high-ness does help huh?

how can a closing ceremony end without a lively cheer of merdeka and sing songs?
YESH! we sang the patriotic songs very lively today.
and waved the flag like crazy! :)
it's REALLLLY FUN! hahahaha!

oh! one thing most cute! during teacher's day. teacher Munis bring a flag along with him the whole time. eventhough the celebrate has nothing to do with the country. HAHA.
he brings a small flag during teacher's day. he loves history alot mann. XD


the biggest FLAG you can get around the country.
lol. the ones meant for poles. -___-''
so patriotic. HAHAH. and cute.
:) everyone was holding mini flags only him special. GIANT.

ohh mann! i had ALOT of FUN today.

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