Thursday, August 28, 2008

;// random-ness cheers me up.

yea. i'm not in my best of mood today.
everything has a reason though. but lee wei's goofy-ness gets me happy again.
HAHA. but nobody knows i was moody today. huh? i'm a genius! LOL.

well, apart from the tummy pains.
most of them are less memorable. HAHA. like i always say. forget the bad and cherish the good. so BOOOOOOO! *throws bad aura away*
the dorks are loveee! gwen. CHICKENS HAVE 2 LEGS! okay?
ahahahaha. one of the most funny-est convo today. well, i dont think it's funny if i type it.. :X

gwen turned back and asked a silly question.
" how many legs does a chicken have? "
" ....? "
" 4 right~ "

*nat hits her forehead*
- main person who made gwen think if chicken have 2 or 4 legs.

" gwen, how can a person who receives 7A's for PMR, said chickens have 4 legs? "
" really bahh~ not 4 feet mehh?? "
" gwen, all birds have only 2 feet and 2 wings. chicken is a bird. "
" then ostrich? "
" OMG! "
"gwen, you need to watch more animal planet. =____= "

*everybody laughs*
yups! that sure beats all the emo-ness away! HAHA. ^____^
i love my friends. :B and i found a gulbi look alike in gwen's doctorjob book.
HAHA. the law student was taking a picture with his dog.

*stares at the page*
" SOOO CUTE!!! "
" .... the dog issit? "
" yeaa?? what did you expect? "

and i couldnt stop staring at the page. T__T the doggie was so cutee!
and leewei knows im turning crazy holding the book everywhere and sticking my face to it. and i was planning to match the doggie up with gulbi so they can make MORE gulbisss! but nat spoiled it. -___-'' she just have to remind me that gulbi is ... whats that word? SARAH! whats the word nat said again? :X *something something* and ruin my hopes and dreams of matching the gulbis together. rawr!

and leewei, the super dork who's sitting next to me,HIDE MY DOGGIE BOOOK!
when i wasn't looking. SMART KID. f3

i love my friends. ^_____^
and to finish my post for today. i would like to say..
hmph! to the emo-ness! and i shall look for my ExM buddies. LOL.

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