Friday, August 15, 2008

;// run away. fly.

awww! its only a day...
i've already miss nana and the others. T___T uhuhu..
it feels weird now.. lonely. they are in sg now.. and will be back japan in a few days..

nana-san! i miss you!

so.. today i had fun in class? well, kinda. haha!
there is some funny parts in class.
our school is having a merdeka month like every year..
and there's a banner competition. :) i didnt help much with that..
cause i got bored with the theme since primary 6. so i let grazele and chua draw instead.
I'll be happy to paint. :P

so yea.. while some are busy with the banner..
the interact club is busy wrapping presents for the anak yatim place they are going on Tuesday.
:) its holiday next week. lol.

so yea.. apart from all those..
there's also one big event. tomorrow the .. some astronaut dude is gonna be there..
and well, i wanted to go the see the galaxy exhibition..
and ended up having a mission impossible: PUBLIC HUMILIATION event.
gwen couldn't go. she is really a nerd. HAHA. :)
so me and nat decided to teman teacher ayu go.. but.. no~
we have a whole list of things to do! and its really impossible..

getting him to bring a moon rock back?! LOL.
and the dude's suit badge. whatever that is... f5

" so how is he going to give this Gwen girl huh? "
" through live tv of cos! "
" rightt... why would he do that for a person who he doesn't even know! "
" it sounds like he's declaring a propose instead.. "

and from list of things to do.. to..
a contract of MUST DO. if not me and nat will get a hair cut.
if we did it, gwen is cutting her hair by ME ME ME! lol. let's get a bowl. LOL.
well, i don't really think it's gonna happen anyway. :X but we'll do our best to win this bet.
and tag along.

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