Monday, August 18, 2008

;// 15 facts about

tagged as tagged. im suppose to state..
15 weird things/ habits/ little known facts about yourself.
can i state more if i have? :D lols.

o1. i loveee sports. but i'm only good in chess.
o2. i love wood pencils more than the modern pencils.
o3. i am the most loser in games among my siblings.
o4. i cannot hear a single thing or notice a thing when im sleeping. { long story. }
o5. i look at things with a different angle. :) not upside down.
o6. i can eat 13 sticks of ice cream within 1hour? :D
o7. almost everything in my life has the number 7. my house. birthday.
o8. i hate drinking water! :O
o9. i can't eat yam. i think i think im allergic to it.
10. i go out only once in a full moon. yesh. it's true! :)
11. i can move my toes one by one when im asleep! haha! never knew.. yanie said so..
12. i rub my eyes very often. :X
13. im part of the anti-pilaks people! rawr!
14. i believe that animals are to be saved! and cherish.. not tortured!
15. i have many great friends. be it online or reality.
16. i spent most of my time online and wasting it.
17. i don't really like studying, but sometimes i wonder how can i get 7A's
18. i like getting new friends. but im shy to approach them.
19. art is always my passion in life.
20. i think im gaining weight each day. :X
21. i am a WEIRD person
23. FROGS are theee UGLYY-EST thing ever!!
24. i cannot live without soup. :X i love them.
25. i prefer asian foods than western.

teeheee! extra 10. :P just for fun. lols.
so now! i shall tagg..

hmmmm... my blanket? baby pooh! xD
and whoever wants to do this. lol. i learn something new today.
a little facts about the people jiee tagg. teehee. my chopstick buddy!

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