Monday, September 15, 2008

;// harvest moon loveee.

harvest moon is very addicting! :3
i couldnt stop playing! dots.
my exams is coming too. oh-owh.
and jie keep showing me those fanvid..
and it went on with all the related videos..
and i found more harvest moon fanvid which are so nice
that i fell in love with mangas again!
makes me want to play the other versions too!
HAHAHA. and most the effect i got was....

my drawing mood came back again!

how can i study now if i cant stop drawing? :O
*glomps on chihaya. :D he is soo cute! LOL.
awww.. i need an awesome chihaya picture here. -.-''
oh-well, i'll draw! :P

natsume people are genius! teeheee! but so far i still love..
friends of mineral town and more friends of mineral town. :B
haha. cause i dont really like 3D ones. T___T but i lovee the characters in other version!

*cough* chihaya. *cough* :B ohh! and valts? is handsome too! lol. :P
doctor finally has rivals. LOL

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