Monday, September 22, 2008

;// let's begin

the beginning of a deadly exam.
everyone knows how torturing is that.
as for me. i've been all nervous the whole week! what more can i say!
and guess what. i read the whole sejarah textbook. in 3 days and only 1/3 came out.

bm is well, bad as usual. i told my sis how i wrote my essay today.
and she gave me a weird look because "bukan sahaja itu" does not exist in any language.
haha. owh well, i tried my best. let's just hope ramlih accepts it. :B

*note to self NEVER EVER leave the handphone off longer than 1 day anymore.
this morning wei wei ask me if i got their msg or not. haha. as usual. since last last week my phone was out of battery. as always i was too lazy to charge it. :X

and that msg cost me...
the tips for exam. dots man! really come out!
made me read the textbook like zombie.
i even got sick. now im a walking green slime.

so yea. tomorrow is english and maths.

more nerd sessions.

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