Thursday, November 6, 2008

;// 4ST `2008 ♥

yea. today is finally thursday. and yesh..
it's our last day in the biology lab. my favourite class ever!
tomorrow we're having the last assembly. so, it's very obvious we're not going up that crazy stairs anymore. although i have to admit. im going to miss that exercise and the old stairs. every single day,
i dragged my half awake self up that stair and up to my class..
with a i dont know.. 1kg bag of books? and a super heavy file. omg.

yea.. i think im already missing the 4st already.
the awesome large space. the great breeze we get. the times we sleep on the table during special events when no tacher would come in. :X yea. and those time where we don't need to go to the toilet to wash hands. :D very own sink man!

i guess i really love this year.
well, although i'm not really close with everyone in the class.
and my grades are bad as ever.
and the add maths i couldnt catch up! .__.
but atleast its better than form1,2, or 3. :D rightt? because pmr is over. darn. and here comes spm.

omg! i think im going to cry. .___. so yea. i love it in the biology lab. somehow i feel its a family in 4st. really.. and i loveee the large space the most! T__T the block A has super small tables. super small class which im sure we need to squeeze. like the time we need to exchange with seniors. since they need to experiment.

last day, i swept the floor for the last time. lols. cause yea. we made a mess behind because wei wei was making this triangle thingy. and since i was sweeping. i swept the whole class.
they we took all the manilla cards from the information boards in class. :3 can use to make stuffs.
and yea.. i dont want last day of school to come. .___.

but what can do.. the other half of me wants to have holiday.
and the other half wants to sit in class and slack.
and since im going to japan soon.
T_T makes me even more nervous. i need to spend more time with my friends before holidays starts.

♥ i love 4st! we pwn every form 4 in school! lolssss! :DD
we do rightttt!? :3 okay.. maybe fiona pwn too. in 4sf. :X

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