Tuesday, November 4, 2008

;// bye bye textbooks.

stay happy and healthy always.


so today is tuesday. so fast time flies by..
a blink of an eye, it's already end of the year. wahhh..
i sure miss my biology lab aka my class. D: no, really! next year sure down in block A. where all the noise are meant to be heared.
wonder how can those seniors study there..

so yea. havent been updating lately.
busy doing my reports and projects before the school ends.
:) but i finished. i think.. left diagnostic test. tomorrow do!

so anyways,
today.. i got my books! my 1st ever 400++ pages book. LOL
i've never spend money on novels before.. usually i would borrow them from my friends since they have a whole rack of them.
why buy when you can borrow? :DD smart leh? hahaha
so yea.. i'll get started on reading tomorrow when everything is done.

and today is also the day all my textbooks return to their rightful place.
the storeroom. aishh. don't know why.. have this sudden feeling i dont want to return them.

the whole year keep reading of course got feeling mahhh.. T____T
i want my biology and sejarah book back!! all the second thoughts. i even planned on keeping it. and say to teacher i lost it. gwen suggested we buy it. -_- and she really did bought her biology textbook. HAHA.
but i surrender them to teacher..

me : cikguuuuu~ tidak bagi balik boleh?
teacher : boleeehh~ kalau kau bayar lahh~
me : T_T tapi tapi.. cikguu bagi sebagai present larhh.. supaya saya rajin belajar~
teacher : -.-ll bukan saya punya buku ni.... susah....
me : nanti larh. cikgu tunggu arhhh...

me : sarahhhhh! give arh? really give arh? ~
sarah : give larhh. im giving back all..
me : *grabs book* gives big hug. BYEEE!

sarah! i just had a great idea!
i write down all the code! then ask yannie take all my books when she form 4 lorh!!! :D brilliant! yesh yesh! *starts writing code 1 by 1.*

sarah : ....
lee wei : .... she totally losted it. :X
me : okay! now can give! let's go! yay! yay!

so after that we when down and put the books in the store lorhh..
after that we do experiment in the biology lab.
:D oh! and last week i didnt blog. :X
we roasted peanuts in class too! but full black. cannot eat.
teacher cecillia look at us like.. -.-
cause we go back for who knows how many times to get peanuts! hahaha! very fun! :) i love bio.

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