Sunday, November 16, 2008

;// 刺激される日本行くために

ohh.. im getting more and more nervous each day!
i can't believe im going to japan! T_T it's like a dream come true huh?
yea. i can't wait either. but also nervous at the same time because
i'll be meeting my host-family.
i still dont know who they are yet. but yea..

so, today is the 2nd day surviving. still living!
i miss them so much already.
and just the time when they are on holiday..
the important and big people stuffs comes! what am i suppose to do?!
all the travel thingy, the List and stuffs.

oh well, i just hope aunty Judy can handle it. :X
cause i have no idea in those stuffs even with my mom here.


i was suppose to do the tagg yannie tagged.
but since i dont feel like it. :D im gonna do it later. HAHA.
btw. i wonder where is the talkative jaygay go.. it's not like him to NOT online. :X

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