Friday, November 14, 2008

;// omg! too cool! :D

so today's activities was packed! well, yeah.
the day for me was kinda busy.
but super duper fun! nyahahaha!
and i want another silly event like this before i go japan!
rawr! at 6.00am. i woke up. AHAHA. on a holiday? i hardly wake up on weekdays when there is school! lolols. okayyyy okayyyy... i woke up at 6.15am.

wondering why so early ON A HOLIDAY FRIDAY? :)
so i wont be in a hurry when nini came at 7am ++. lols and it turns out i was too excited to do something during this holiday with the my friends. i waited 40 mins ++ sitting in the couch staring blankly in space. ahaha. but not that bad. atleast better than wasting my time sleeping huh? :X so nini came and we went to send her mama to work, then to the daddy's office. he needs to punch card a thingy. so we waited in the carpark. :X cause lazy? ahaha.

and off we go to grazele's house!
its been quite awhile since i've been there.
pretty much a bit different liao. :D
jess was there playing the rubiks cube.
and he's much more handsome-er than before!
nyahha! im not the only one who says that okay. f3 Joaqim is super adorable with his school uniform too! :3 eeee! cute!

so anyways. wei, nat, lys, was there already.
and chyna was right behind us. :)
they had fun playing the guitar game thingy.. it's like o2jam only its XBOX! even the controller is cool. :D i didnt really played it though. cause i was attracted at jess playing the rubiks. he's hand is super fast! ahaha. yea. grazele requested him to play the guitar thingy! AND BOY HE WAS AWESOME! pro gamer, a top student, and handsome looking. people marry him! :DD

and then gwen and fion came and SARAH SMUGGLED IN! f3
they start junjou. lols. and i play the nitendo DS..
i think it was DS. the touch screen one.
harvest moon yo! :DD ahaha. im obsess! and nat was playing the PSP. seriously.. im jealous! :X
ahaha! no really! fion's bro was being occupied with the PS2 with Joaqim. :) they are so cute playing spongebob. teeeheee! and chyna and sarah plays the PS3. the game folklore! okay..
i have to admit adventure games takes a long time to win and all.
but who cares! i love it!
the game was like a moving comic! nyahaha. AND YESH THE PS3 CONTROLLER is as awesome as the XBOX's controller! only better! nyahaha. chyna was sucking the monsters soul! triple the awesome-nest when u have to move the controller! dont know how to explain it! its just cool! nyahaha.

* i know.. im such a sampah lau. -__-''
im poor bahhh.. these stuffs i hardly ever see anywhere...

so yea.. everywhere u look.. everyone has atleast a game with them, be it gameboy, PSP, XBOX, or PS3. all also have. im in game heaven. :)

we also celebrate fion's birthday. well, not really celebrate larh..
gave her and early present! omg shoes! :D ahaha.
yea.. im happy that she love them! very happy indeed! and so..
we spend the whole day playing games and reading comics! :X

reached home.. we had dinner! the yong family gathering.
and i get to meet my long lost YiPo. which is my grandma's sister?
they were lost for 69 years.
pureee funny! but it's not impossible. .__. who knows..

and i enjoyed the food. omg! i think im gaining weight. not good.
so, kinda long and geeky for today's post. but i had a great time! :)

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