Saturday, January 3, 2009

hello 2009. byebye 2008.

happy new year!! :DD
2009 is a year for form 5 of the year to start stressing and work hard.
i really should start understanding my additional maths. T_T

so yea...
have a happy new year everyone! :D
may this year of the ox be a great one? and for us form 5.
spend the bestest time since its like basically the last year of highschool!!

2008 has been a great year for me,
i've gotten closer friends. met new people.
gain weight! japan dream fufilled.
actually failed alot of subjects. improve a LITTLE on my drawings.
time flies so fast. i cant belive it's already 2009.
and im already turning 17 in a few days!
and soon i'll be working?! lols.

i'll get started on my resolutions! :DD
i promise to be more organize and plan my days with study. :X

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