Friday, January 16, 2009


its been awhile since i've blog. missed me? AHA.
okayy. maybe not de larh.

school has been trying to kill us lately.
with all the activities all 2 weeks, sports day, cross country, HOMEWORKS!for a first 2 weeks in school. i already felt tired. i need sleep! but still can manage. it's just me being lazy and all. lols. pssstt! COMET won cross country btw! muahahahah!

well, tomorrow we have our annual mini sports day again.
it's the last for us form 5-ers.
anyways, today not much in school lorh.
since everyone is busy with sports day and all.
so i did my homeworks in class. sad life huh?
what can do.. spm year. the most important test off all highschools.

it's been so long since i've blog properly.. i forgot how to blog. :X

i'll express myself today,
rants and complains! lols. not exactly larh. but kinda waste! and it makes me angry if i think of it too much. but oh well, it's not my case anyway.

heard someone quited SRM today! QUITED!
isn't it a waste? she got choosen out of .. err..
how many humans. and now she quited.
wth! and because of too much human in the team, the seniors had to let the extras go. WHICH i am one of them btw! btw! so heart broken lorh that time. -_-
i wanted to be in it since form 1 again that!
and look now. rawr!

i complain on lame stuffs huh? i guess so. :X
but im not angry larh. neither am i angry at her.
she have great ps skills! seriously.
its a waste to hear she quited.

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