Saturday, June 27, 2009

drama yes way.

La Salle for getting 1st. you guys are freaking amazing!All Saints for getting 2nd. :) i need to watch it soon.
The Weirdo team. for getting 3rd. weee! all those heat and ...
green paint * freddie's skin cancer warning * paid off. heeh


AND TO EUUUUUUUNICE. darklord_1...?
for the best performer award! you know we love you emerlay!
did you like it emery? :)

and cat. IM LAST! IM LAST! :B
so yea. drama is finally over.
and it's time for me to hit the books seriously!
going to miss the staying backs. :X it pretty much cover up
my slacking times walking around aimlessly at home, doing nothing.
HAHAHHA! yup! that's life. :X
but yea, of course i'll miss the awesome team!

cat is silly to believe we wont hang out anymore!
WE WILL BAH!i bet a 30cent icecream on it!"think about it, together we can lead a happy life.."
pfffttt. :)

i totally enjoyed this year's drama competition, eventhough i had to go through all the heat in that hall. the 20++ fans doesn't help much. :X okay, i missed half of the performances. but who cares, imma watch them soon. :)
im kinda done here. :B
good luck waiting for another few months for me to blog.
no bahh! kidding only. i'll try to make an effort to blog okay? okay?
oh! and best of luck to La Salle on the next competition.

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