Tuesday, February 3, 2009

booo! ♥

oh man. it's already february. did anyone noticed?
i cant believed 1 month is already gone!
despite all the sports day, excel exams and busy schedules! it's kinda over now. i hope. atleast for now.. today was our last excel paper, which was the evil additional maths. i'm sorry, it gonna take some time till i find it easy. let's just hope in time for SPM. ._.

so, today i took a slacking day off. lols.
*yea, i've always been slacking. who dont know. pfft!
yea. from studying. but i still have homeworks to do.
:X and studying is a different thing.
so i'll be going off to do them later.

well, during chinese new year nothing much also lorh. eat, and visit my cousin. :)

i spend alot of time admiring the art pieces of artistic people on DeviantArt. they are all great artists. and of cos, search up some tutorials so that i could learn how to do line arts and colouring! rawr! i havent tried colouring yet.

but i did line art this afternoon and its is just tooo FUN!
i like line art though i still need practices! ._. pencil and paper are just way easier! haha. since got time mahh. and i didn'te felt like doing homeworks yet. hahaha.

aiya. so long no blog. i actually forgot how to blog properly. :X
sorry. lols


Gwen, for Kitty Piggy Bank. :B
Wei Wei, Nini, Lys for the necklace! ♥
and also Sarah, and Grazele. lols. love you people loads loads! ♥
anymore? ahahahahaha. kidding larh.

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