Friday, July 17, 2009

the best package ever!

test is over. what a relief.
i can't think straight when it comes to exams.
but there's still much more for me to catch up on before SPM comes.
whateves. i need 10A's. 10A's it is! hmph! i can do it!
yea i can!

so anyways!
i received a package today.
and i was super top of the world happy to see the sender's address!
my host family from japan sent me gifts! oh man! i loveee them to the deepest most internal organ i can find! haha. and the best part of the package! CALBEE is inside! it's the bestest snack i've had so far and you cant find it in malaysia. :X

no bah. it's the love that counts right? got messages also.
i love love love love them! wanted to cry out of touch just now.
but since wei is there.. and zaidah. HAHAHA. it didnt came out. :)

and because of the package i cant stop smiling the whole day!
*got pictures this. it's just that it wont upload. -_-
so maybe later.


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