Sunday, July 12, 2009

water balloons are ♥!

back from camp. and should be studying. :X
pfffttt.. and yet i don't feel like studying! even with test on tuesday!

need to revise! arghh.

ahhh. it's been quite awhile since i updated this part of the blog.
ah well, who cares anyways. not like there's people waiting for it or anything. pfft.
bond university and pine academy organised a
leadership camp for secondary school kids.
i took part of it because i'm a kid. duhh? hahaa.

personally, i expected it to be muddy. and err.
more tiring? and strict like the other camps i've been too..
which explains the spare clothes. -_-
but to my suprise it's fun, free, enjoying,
loaded with awesome people
and totally a one of kind camp so far! :)
the whole time there was games and meeting new friends. yay!
even the facilitators are awesome. hahahahaha. *gives a knowing look to the bully*

thank you for the awesome experience!
go ahead, the pictures can be found through this link below.
haha. just because i'm too lazy to upload anything, and since it's up.
don't waste Alan's hardwork uploading them. :)

Pine Academy Creative Leadership Camp

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