Monday, August 31, 2009

anything for A's

the books i need to read is..
thicker than 3 dictionaries. high!

i have to say..
i'm going on hiatus for 2 months+
but i might online. someday, weekends? for an hour.
  1. need to finish reading those books before my trial. TRIAL.
  2. there 7 - 10 workbooks still that requires answers from my brain.
  3. read and understand the history notes given. because they are awesome.
  4. FINISH the past year papers!
  5. stop going to facebook for games.
  6. stop watching tv/dramas
  7. practice! practice!
i need to get a good results for my future.
eventhough i'm still confuse about it.
but as the counsellor said, just work hard for your SPM.
or should i call it O-level? oh man...
and career and higher education comes later.

NO PAIN, NO GAIN. yesh. headaches are worth it.
when achievements becomes reality.

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