Friday, August 28, 2009

manga dilemma.

decided to take a rest from the textbooks and giant reference books.
which concludes me to feel like drawing again. apart from online i guess.
SPM is less than 90 more days.
and i'm thinking of joining the national manga competition.

it's been running around my head. cause i can't decide.
besides, i need a story! it might be a good experience.
since i missed out the gempak one.
ohh. yea. i gave up on the gempak one.
i just weren't motivated enough. haha.

i mean, this one is a NATIONAL competition.
organized by LiquidMedia, and Interpid works.
supported by the Japan Foundation and many more!
oh! and ANIMAX is the official tv and online partner. how cool is that. :D

otaku-ness. :X

here's the link for more info,

National Manga Competition 2009

so, should i join? i might drag lee wei in.
if she would like to suffer again. :X

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