Wednesday, August 26, 2009

wan smart? maybe.

what are the odds that wannie is getting smarter?

i don't know myself. but i'm happy that chemistry is
finally getting in to my head.
and i CAN! i repeat.. CAN. do those equations thingy now!
can you imagine how happy i am! lols.

ohh. and physic. oh boy physic.
i'm kinda going through a process understanding that subject.
but i think i just need a little bit more practice and TIME!
but whatever it is. i have to thank Kerry jie for tutoring me.
*gonna make her a thank you card for her to bring to England. :P

pretty crazy of me to blog during the holidays even with a trial coming up right after the holidays. but hey! the mood suddenly came back.
which is sort of a bad idea. :X
i'll be going back to my books now.
they are my important items for now.

i need those grades to be up!*so friendship cards can come after that. :X
btw, it's great to see Freda again. :)

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