Friday, December 4, 2009

081209 will be a history for me.

time passed by so fast that most of the time we may not noticed it.
hey, a few more weeks it's going to be christmas!
and you know what's best before christmas?

the end of SPM!
8th December 2009. 15:30 pm. yes.
.... in a few more days.

today is just too tempting to update my dead blog.
there's so much to do after spm that i can't wait for it to be done! and definately i'll miss school. yesh. SCHOOL. waking up at 6:05 am. it's a fact. school makes me use my time more efficiently. for real. i can sleep the whole day and waste a day of my life during holidays.
oh no. not good.

so, now. only short crap post. sorry.
i'm no genius in chemistry, blog hopping will have to wait.
i'll decorate this blog into a prettyyy butterfly after spm. >:D

1 comment:

  1. it will be a great history :)
    At least this history is about us, not about some dead people :)