Thursday, December 17, 2009

victory post as it should be.

well, SPM is over. this is my very very late victory post!
buahahahahaha. i know i have nothing to blog bah. sadly after spm. i've been sleeping alot. and it is a fact that i miss school and i need something to do to fill my time. adding.. i think i regret cutting my hair. :X


01. get enough sleep and perhaps try becoming sleeping beauty once.
02. exercise every morning. if i manage morning. evening is okay too.
03. draw like there's no tomorrow.
04. clean up my room.
05. change my wardrobe. (:
06. improve digital painting skills and drawing.
07. did i mention drawing?
08. shopping or just hang out with my buddies.
09. movie/drama mania. aahahhahahahah
10. blog more often and decorate this baby of mine. -__-

oh wait. i do have something to blog!
my KL trip! *grins* 4days3nights. okay, maybe tomorrow. or saturday?

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