Saturday, January 30, 2010

"live, learn, laugh."

I know.. I know.. there's never a decent post here for quite awhile now. who are you going to blame? duhhh! the lazy me. pfffttt.. but you are wrong! i've been working too hard that i hardly got the time to read blogs, let alone update one!

so why the sudden revival? i just want to declare that i enjoy working! *shots*

after spm.. and well, err.. 2010? nyeh, most of my friends have already started A-level studies, and college, blah. social lives updates. while some of the dorks i love are hired for part time jobs, just like me. and there's the biggest loser potentials. cough. wei. uhh. no. i'm just kidding! *shots*

so work you say?
uh huh, i am actually enjoying my work! i mean, i go there and promote products, get paid, gain experience, boost confidence level i've been craving, meet new people, learn new stuffs, and start the first step of a proper lady. nyeh. make-ups. i'm improving too! *another shot*

busy day at work today, member's day = sales = bloody multiply numbers of points = vouchers = hungry people. lol C: busy yet enjoyable. i'm impress myself. pffftttt. new friends are fun to talk to and fun to tease, not that i usually tease or anything. again, surprised how well, my communication with strangers are going pretty well. especially to cashiers. LOL.

*nomnomnom. peach munching.

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