Friday, March 19, 2010

look who's back.

yes. i'm back from my vacation. missed me?
going for a vacation after result day is a great cheer up. but i'm guessing not enough though. it still brings me a bit down everytime i see my results. don't bahh.. i cried the whole day that day, shits. it's okay, i guess i shouldn't take anything for granted. EVER. anymore.
at least no C's. it's an improvement eh?

now, i need to get my applications ready. and get the best results ever in wherever i study next! imma beat SPM. there's a quote i saw while shopping during my vacation, it was on a tee,
yannie and i liked it. HAHAH. it did put a smile on my face though. for no apparent reasons.

" life is hard, life is harder when you're stupid. "

so, about my trip..
Philippines was okay. shopping was awesome! C:
i didn't know i can manage a whole day 11am - 9pm of shopping.


and the kids i've always love!
so, what did i missed out so far?

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