Wednesday, March 24, 2010

tweet tweet?

thanks to the magical kid named lee wei..

i have made a twitter account. why? to eat the lifeless wan in me. and well, fangirling needs. HAHAHA. i'm still figuring out how it works exactly, i'm already bad at blogging. what more tweeting. pffttt!

March is ending soon, feeling crappy too much.
ression sucks!
worst month of all my 18 years. i miss school, i miss seeing my crazy friends every single day, i miss drawing in class, i miss extra-curriculum, i miss the hot dewan kecil, i miss the magical stairs to the lab, i miss homeworks, i miss studying my butts off for the test, i miss waking up at 6:20am.. there's just so much to miss!

life with no school, let me tell you.
internet. internet. internet until you get fed up of it.
i'm just thankful there's things to cheer me up or make my day on the internet..


and before i end this crappy post..

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