Monday, August 16, 2010

life's a living chemistry.

hey yan, you should really teach me how to give awesome titles for blog posts.
nyeh! a weekend has gone and it's back to my busy schedule! it's not even suppose to be this busy! ): my brain is still catching up! i'm always so tired! homework done one-by-one and they add up one-by-one as well, technically, it's never done.

and everyday seems like there's chemistry test!
teacher has this special skills to make test papers. so it's well, tested upon his awesome class. and yes, im part of it. i have to say, its good and bad at the same time. good part is, he's slowing down the teaching, bad side is, ITS A TEST! that takes a brilliant mind to score like a flying coloured unicorn. (: and obviously, im no flying coloured unicorn

yes, its the stress time of the year again. excels, test, and assignment projects. on the other hand, my social skills is improving. hahaha. which is unnecessary.

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