Thursday, August 12, 2010

the way you smile. (:

so what are the odds of me updating my blog, eh?
well, from today onwards i will be updating more! i hope.
it's this sudden urge to open a blank page and rant and express myself again. it's been QUITE AWHILE since the last time i've blog and even blog hopping. sorry loves, deep inside you know i really love you. it gets hard to bond when we're like an ocean apart.

and since life's been busy now, there's better stuffs to post. pffft! and rants, btw. and i've noticed i have not even posted anything since i've enter form6 apart from the fifa-ness in the previous post. whoops!

yes, let's go back in time. shall we? the day i became a lasallian.
orientation was fun, and a new start is still as awkward as my 1st day in convent. rephrase that, it's extra awkward. considering that.. well, my friends aren't with me. never was good with changes, btw. and truthfully speaking. it was too long ago, and i forgot half of it. so, new friends were made, teachers are awesome, and books are as thick as bricks. but i'm looking forward to read them.

short ones and extra lessons are interesting and tiring the same time, but then again it's the great part of using the time for homeworks instead of loafing around aimlessly, eh?

2. my co-curicullum activities are awesome and i'm turning into a busy bee, provide with a whole lot of rants as well, because my club president is well.. let's just say, somewhat irresponsible.

3. yours trully is a prefect now, and AJK i might add.
4. i think i found the planner/perfectionist in myself.
5. japanese youth exchange program just ended, i miss riko!
6. leo installation stress is expected. meetings are frequent as well. darn.
7. i like the way you smile, and walk. stalking.
8. parliament lasalle was interesting. like seriously.
9. met juniors and seniors are great people who apparently makes my day.
10. improvements on malay teen slangs. lol
11. same old clumsy and forgetful me.
12. my classmates are awesome people! genius-es as well. sometime i feel .. down graded. lol
13. is being as hardworking as i can to get awesome grades
14. blogging is to maintain my english and strive for improvements.

irrelevent post! hahahaha!

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