Monday, October 25, 2010

i wish papers were edible.

well, first paper today. MATHS.
AND FREAKING HARD. or atleast i wasn't too sure what was i doing.
totally ruined my day, i could have just chewed the paper up! ngeh.
my lack of confidence in almost everything is getting into me. what a great timing eh? i think it's because of the pressure i get in class. everyone is beyond godlike genius. and well, im just barely surviving. grrrr.. :/ i hope there will be a miracle soon.

tomorrow is BIOLOGY PAPER 2 at 7am in the morning. what joy!
let's just hope i manage bio, since i've been reading it. for i don't know how long. and i might die in CHEMISTRY ON WEDNESDAY. totally haven't got the time to touch my chem! i'm sorry teacher, please know that you're still awesome eventhough i forget things easily.
he's going to murder me alive. lol.

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