Friday, October 22, 2010

semi-revival. whoops

SORRY for the lack of updates.

life been so hectic that i've lost track of many things. haven't been reading blogs for a long time now. sorry guys, you should know imissyouall. and well, i can't believe it's already been a year now after SPM. like whuuttt?! ITS TOO FAST! guess what? exams next week. and prefect dinner the week after along with prom the next day. or atleast i think its prom. nyeh.

so, it's really isn't the right time to actually blogs seriously. cause i never blog things seriously. duhh! it usually waste 5mins of everyones time reading. so, lee wei's going to be heading to the states really soon now. YOU KNOW I WISH YOU COULD STAY BUT YOU'RE MOLDING TOO MUCH. hahahahaha.

but things are happening. here in kk. i will post blogs more often now. so you guys can you know- atleast know what's going on. which means imma editing previous post by dates mmkay? but not know though. after my exams!


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