Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011; ohh yeah

Overly exaggerating here, pfft. I am deeply sorry, This blog is suppose to be dead cause I am truly a loser at blog writing. well, I'm not kidding so yeah. There's so much happening in 2010 and truthfully, it's same old same old, with extra sparks and i pretty much had awesome experiences going through everything. Take part-time working for instance, or improving my arts, making new friends and keeping the old, there's too much to list out actually.

Well, since it's 2011, thus another chance for stress and breakdown to haunt me again. hahahaha. yes, STPM. pfft! So, new year resolutions you say? nahh, it's all over my wall and planner now, and my brain as a matter of fact. I'll save it for myself.

guess who got her phone number asked on new years day?

New url for new start! I'll be updating more frequently. yay me!
been looking back at my previous blog posts, and it got me thinking..

IT TOTALLY NEEDS CORRECTIONS! reminiscing the past is fun, and somehow it shows how much i miss high school even though it's less than a kilometer away.

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