Thursday, January 6, 2011

counting the days till you return

It's been the forth day here without my sister, and I'm already missing her like mad. how am i agoing to survive the following 3months!? National Service, I hope she's doing good there though I know she would. prepare for a surprise visit this sunnday love.

" ohh, yannie. you'd be surprise what I'm going to do to our room "

I did my presentation today, getting most of my confidence back. though i still need to work on my chemistry and mathematic skills. meh, MUET is going to be nerve wrecking even for me. school is getting busy, and i'll be a bookworm as soon as my birthday is over, which is technically TOMORROW. /braggs pffttt.

should i do the 30days tagg? we'll see what i can do. it needs commitment!
been back reviving my tweeter lately. oh the insanity of random things.
It's actually quite fun.

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