Tuesday, January 3, 2012

hello 2012, goodbye 2011

new years here again, time flies so fast doesn't it?
spent my last minutes skyping with lee wei, instead of going out for countdown. foreveralone. lol
mehhh, that's cause i was down with a flu and sore throat. darnn it.
but catching up with a bff is wayyy better though considering i'm bad with crowds.

so 2011 have officially ended.
i've gain alot of new experiences, went through couple loads of problem, met great people, conquered stpm - let's hope i pass like a boss. please, been out and about. and pretty much what everyone have been doing on the same year. oh, not forgetting slacking and procrastination yes, who doesn't slack and procrastinate right?

as for 2012,
let's hope the apocalypses ain't going to happen, either way. i guess i'll live life to the fullest! i promise to be more productive, and well, make great use of the limited time.

Guess what! i've been preparing a list of stuffs to do, long period activities! and will be drawing to improve myself. yes, ugly stuffs will be posted here too when i feel like it. lol. i'll be blogging more often now, considering stpm have finally ended. cause i do not want to be stupid. EHEHEHEHEHE

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