Wednesday, March 7, 2012

moments of truth

thto be frank, im not really in the mood to do anything right now. in fact, i wish i had retail therapy. well, I still hope to get retail therapy though its never going to happen.

and honestly,
i see myself as a very pesismatic person. that is why i need alot of stuffs to cheer me up and stuffs when im feeling freaking down. like now, or today. this is just sad to actually write all this stupid rants but if it could get off my shoulders, why not? i mean who knows this might even work.
i'm sick of being sad for the day. it has already been 9hours now. fml. i know.

setting up high expectations, and it ends up tumbling down.
i know i ought to be thankful for a passing grade. but meh, now that financial problems seems to be even more of a nightmare haunting me. but hey, i guess its time to move on and think of other alternatives. everyone have been really supportive and all. well, with my sulky face, who wouldn't try to atleast asked if i was okay right?

well, it's not the end of the world yet. so i'm just going to get up and move on with life.
no matter what the ups and downs are.

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