Sunday, April 29, 2012

hello friend.

as promised, i'm back blogging. i know, i know. i bet you people would be saying stuffs like.
"took you long enough woman. what have you been doing anyway!?"

well, truth to be told. i don't feel like blogging if my layout isn't what i want, yes, very the picky. my photoshop and laptop was in hospital for quite awhile now. the internal hard disk and my fan broke. orz

there there lappy, you have served me well for the past years.
so anyway, i'm still fixing stuffs here and there till i get what i really like. simplicity at its best, but i'd have to conquer procrastination. i'm getting there, it's progress.

and there won't be a cbox guys, so if you feel like it. just drop me a comment.
i shall be hardworking at taking pictures and edit them now.


  1. make sure you really blog lah :3 I changed my link already since my blog kena hacked as I told you. -_-

    ps: the grass photo from behind your house kah? :3

  2. yes sir! i mean ma'am!
    hahahahaha. yes, but i think i might change it soon. again.