Friday, June 22, 2012

snufflelafugus unite

few days back, during dad's fever situation. thank God, he's all better now.
i went and met up with my snufflelafugus, yea, there's only a few of us. but it was great seeing them again!
the topic went from work/school/ to boyfriends to frisbee games to lost dog experiences to ... well, you get the idea. i forgot i brought my camera along. so there wasn't any pictures. orz

one of the party packs that i couldn't eat up, apparently. ehehe

got mcdonalds for lunch that day too! it was from a birthday girl at work, well, her thoughtful parent.
i love children birthdays, they puts a smile on my face. especially when the teachers gets a party pack too! yay! i feel like a 3year old again every time i get a party pack filled with snacks from the kids. and a slice of cake i might add. brings back childhood memories.

p/s : looking forward for our frisbee game, cat.

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