Saturday, June 23, 2012

abe lincoln

sarah called me up for a movie date with grazele in such a hurry on thursday, that i couldn't resist. hahah, that's cause i wanted to go out instead of being bored at home. Abraham Lincoln,vampire hunter. seriously, i thought i signed myself up for horror shits cause i know myself well enough to know, i can't manage horror/thriller when Jelvin stamped 18+ on the tickets, ugly vampires killing is horror/thriller for me, ikr. btw, it's great to see him there! the dude wasn't at the counters when i went for Avengers and MIB3. the 3rd time's a charm. and yea, got student rates or i might have punched him in the gut. hahahaha.

no spoilers, you'd have to watch and be the judge. it was worthy of my money though, coming from a very picky movie audience like myself. the plot is nicely done, makes learning history fun too! maybe you'd have to scratch out the human vs vampire part for the REAL facts. honestly, the overall movie has nothing much to do with history, just the costumes and setting. but hey, it's a good movie, badass president-vampire hunterrr ftw! reading american history will never be the same again.

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