Friday, August 24, 2012

the whimsical handmade story @ damai point

finally some quality time with cousin, she has been craving to try out the newly opened cafe in damai. instantly got attracted to the pictures of the place from their facebook page! handmade concept interior and wooden stuffs are my cup of tea. handmade story also gives out this warm zakka feel as you enter the cafe. it's really good to see these kind of cafe growing in kk! more concept designed cafe please. lol

the tables are my favourite part of the place aside from the chalked blackboard wall. i have this thing for wooden stuffs. pfft. for reals, i'd love to have drawing sessions on those lovely handmade tables one day! the foods are affordable too.

so here's a glimpse of the cozy interior.

the tree of comments, the idea was so cute! we had to write a 'leaf' for it. wasn't sure if we're suppose to stick it on ourselves or not though. i'll go back next time to take a shot of my leaf.

their lovely handmade menu! so adorable.
i have yet to try out their foods though! looking forward to try out their cold noodles! 

had a cube of green tea cheesecake while jie ordered their carbonara spaghetti, wanted to try out other yummys on menu though. but dad's roti canai from brunch was still digesting.
will be back soon for cold noodles. lol


  1. IT'S SO KOREAN OMG. And all you seem to be blogging about is coffee shops XD what's up with that

  2. it's cause i've been going to so many yumcha places.
    i means 1 week everyday! my wallets all burned out. so sad.