Saturday, August 18, 2012

starbucks nights

been all out and about meeting all my friends right after hosting miu, will be posting about youth exchange when i have the time to edit pictures and stuffs. i think i really did went out for yumcha sessions everyday, which explains the empty wallet i have right now. nonetheless. i enjoyed my chats and chilling with good old friends makes my day less stressful worrying and packing for university!

chubs enjoying her matcha frappuccino. 

starbucks had the buy1free1 promotion going on during the ramadan on wednesdays and friday@ 6pm-8pm, who would miss out on a buy1free1 frappuccino offer right? me and chubs was craving for matcha. so yea, warisan square's starbucks will be my only starbucks i'd go to! since maria and bryan is working there. nice to visit the kids once a while too! not much photos of the formsix. cause, well, it's hard to get proper pictures of them. maybe next time.

my redbean matcha and chub's matcha. 

so many more people i want to meet! but there's so much to do! -more like worrying and packing.

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  1. Looks so yummy! My boyfriend loves macha (I'm starting to like it more and more) but unfortunately they don't sell it here in Holland :( I changed my blog url from yyepon to mooij by the way ^^