Sunday, February 24, 2008

;// waffles! :D yumms

i'll be back! uhahaa!

HAHAHA! Hyuk! is so cute! :D i love elmo! HAHAHA.
*im loving EHB more and more. that variety show teach alot of biology in super DUPER Funny and fun way! HAHA!
did you know laughing is better than hard sweaty exercise? :D
well. now everyone know! LOL. its true! laughing not only helps relieve stress. but also a very good excercise!AHAHA.

ELMO still rocks! lol :DD elmo is cute! cookie monster too! HAHAHA
EHB.EHB.EHB.EHB! very Very Very good AWESOME! show.
ohh! and! food can be digested upsidedown! HAHAHA.
and the hottest chili is the jolokia pepper in india! :O jie! go find some a cook for Curry gorgor! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

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