Wednesday, March 19, 2008

;// Brightens My Day.

:D okay.. the day is already ending. and i gotta off the pc soon. :DD
but i had a great day today! :D not only because i get to see ManChai stuck in a stool. HAHA.
which is SUPERRRRR cute!! :) and LamLam rolling in a tunnel thingy. :))
and Jie! :D haha! have fun taking care of them!


well, i pretty much collected most of my 1st ever monthly test result with a whole new way of doing things.
and guess what! i got a few A2's and an A1. and a whole bunch of B's. C's and G's! :O like i said before.
teacher said failinf in normal. HAAH! so anyways...

today we wore the uniform units thingy clothes. not a bad idea from the school since they actually have some good things wearing them.. A LIMITED COSPLAY!! HAAAHAHAA.
WEI! you seriously LOOKKK like HONGGI with the scraf! :) Hongki fans! attack her! :) she really does look like him! ahahahahahahh!!! so yea.. we mixed and matched the scouts. karate. 'Drive Princess' and the red moon thingy! HAHA PBSM. not. BBSM so yea. Wei was Hongki at 1st, then she turned pirate. -__-''
Nat was a nun? o__o hey! nini was.. CAPTAIN! ahoooyyy! with the pipe again. :)
Sarah tried to sit at the twiinnsss table. :D but still manage to Laugh at our weird-nesss..
Gwen was a Phamist? the ppl sells medicines. LOL. of all the jobs on earth you can cosply...


after that. there was a komando thingy. well........
its kinda a denda for not going for the camp. -__-'' aiggooo.. i couldn't go.
so they had to denda us. well, yea. :) it was actually FUN! since comapre to the camp's.. -_-''
there's eggs. and other sticky stuffs. today is just flour! :D dandrufffffff! HAHAHAHA.
so yea.. I DID had fun! *Grazele and Shazz dont feel bad! :)

and after that is DRAMA pratice. :) haha! i guess the props are 1/3 done?
well, there isn't much. just need finish the last backdrop and we'll be starting on the 3D items. :D
and i'll keep in mind to camwhore alot of pictures for Jie to see. :))


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