Friday, March 28, 2008

;// Busy Beeee!

gooosh! been busy for the whole week. no time blogging..
*awww.. sorry bloggie. :( HAHA. shall i sumarize the week? uahahaha! i should!
well, for the ones that i actually REMEMBERS! haha.

well.. let me see. nowadays busy with drama! *WE SHALL WIN!
our tree no1. and tree no.2 is looking GREAT! :)) and i love our pots and OUR VERY OWN water cooler! HAHAHA! :) so yea.. if we dont get any placing im gonna smack the cupboard like LeeWei. :D

:) everything sounds fun at school.. because it is! ekeke! i love school. WELL! NOT school for real. but i rather go to school than at home? BUT NO STUDY! LOL. hahaha!
i just like see-ing LeeWei being silly all the time.. i mean ALL THE TIME. HAHAHAHA.

let me search for my planner.*

ohhh! Tuesday was great too! :D Gwen is one of the most.. hmm... DEDICATED person i've ever known! HAHA. and YESH! today... she rather be a tree no.3 in MAK drama than to face maths BECAUSE she didnt finish homework! and guess what!! teacher didnt even ask for homework.
*i wasted my whole night doing it too! rawr! so yea.. i laughed alot. cause she was telling her pet stories.. and how her pets never survived. :(
ohhh! and i had a tour around her planner too! its.. how you say it... BUSY! hahah! very! packed!
i think one day i'll be see-ing her walking out from a awesome car and a PA will be following her around reminding her everything she need to do. LOL

so yea. other than Gwen.. there's always something about LEEWEI! -__-''
she was yelling to Cor and Cat to well... make the pad fly. zzz. cause it has wings?! HAHA


SFC talent was on today.. :( no FTisland as special guest! LOL. *i can dream!
:) since they're in KL somewhere rigght now! it really lightens up the FT4 mood? HAHA.
*as usual.. dance and singing..

........... *speechless for the dances.

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